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In the past, coaching was not offered as a benefit but mandated to those who were failing to achieve their workplace goals. The term “coaching” was synonymous with “remedial training” and carried an implication of failure. Fortunately, those days have passed and savvy business leaders and HR professionals have realised that coaching can be a great benefit for high performers.

Traditionally employers have turned to training programmes to develop talented employee’s skills.  However in recent years that trend has been shifting towards a newer tool for talent management: management coaching.

Technically the term “management coaching” applies to the act of coaching C-level employees; but more recently this type of support has been offered to mid-level managers and high potential employees across firms. Regardless of the intended audience, the goals are largely the same – to improve the effectiveness and enhance the performance of the individual, with the intent of improving the business as a whole.

How does it work?

The core value of coaching is in its ability to focus on the specific needs of the individual as viewed through the lens of their firm’s ecosystem. While training can develop general skills such as time management or planning, coaching allows the manager to focus on the exact challenges of their personal environment, and to develop targeted strategies to overcome them. This combination of the trusted adviser relationship and intense focus on applicable skills makes coaching one of the fastest and most effective tools in resolving workplace performance issues.

A further benefit of management coaching is its focus on the development of skills by the individual being coached. Rather than forming a dependent relationship where the manager must always rely on (and have access to) their mentor, an effective coach will work to reduce the amount their client depends on them, thus building confidence and self-sufficiency in the recipient of the coaching.

Some coaches employ the Goal, Reality, Options and Will (GROW) model. By defining the goal, accounting for the current realities of the environment in which the individual operates, finding options to achieve the goal and then applying the individual’s will or commitment to complete the process, coaches can lead managers through a structured process to achieve their targets. Other coaches use a holistic model to incorporate aspects of self-awareness and personal growth into the process of developing the manager’s leadership abilities.

There are 3 core areas which a coach must be able to impart upon you…

Mindset – Do you have what it takes to run through the emotional, physical, and spiritual gauntlet it takes to run a business? Are you in the right business aligned with your purpose?

Strategy – Who are you trying to help and what is their problem? In essence, who is your ideal customer?. What makes your solution to their problem unique?

Tactics – Strategy without execution/tactics is pointless. The problem is that there is always too much to do: HR, Sales, marketing, outsourcing, etc. How do you prioritize what you should do next?  And how do you execute it efficiently? This is where your business coach comes in. In business, what you DON’T do is usually far more important than what you decide to do.

And as it stated at the beginning of the article, business coaching used to be seen as something used on an individual who was perceived to be failing at something in their job and in all honesty a bit of a taboo subject. Whereas in 2016, it is seen as a way of improving yourself so you can help the business succeed.

Let me ask you a question, do you think Usain Bolt would have won his 9 Olympic Gold medals without a coach? Would the New York Patriots have won all those SuperBowls without Bill Belichik? Could Manchester United have had that unprecedented success if Sir Alex Ferguson had been sacked before that first trophy in 1990?

The answer you would assume would be no…and as great as those teams & individuals are, they definitely would not have achieved the level of success without someone in their corner guiding them through their journey to greatness.

Carrington Blake Accountancy also offer these services and will strive to guide you through to whatever goal you may have with one of our very own business coaches. We may not be able to help you become the fastest man on the planet or win the Premiership, but we can definitely get your business to where you want it to be.

For more information, please get in touch with us for a quick 10 minute chat and see how we can help you. Click here to get a free quote. 

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