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CHRISTMAS IS THE TIME FOR GIVING; Those thinking about making gifts at Christmas should take advantage of the various inheritance tax (IHT) exemptions and reliefs available to them. Note that certain gifts can also have capital gains tax (CGT) implications. THE IHT ANNUAL EXEMPTION - USE IT OR LOSE IT! Although not particularly generous at £3,000 per donor per annum if this annual IHT exemption is not used by 5 April it is lost, although it is possible to carry the allowance forward one year if unused. This means that if the annual allowance for 2017/18 was not used an individual may make gifts of up to £6,000 in 2018/19. Where the gifts to individuals exceed the annual exemption there may still be no inheritance tax to pay if they survive for 7 years following the gift or...

HMRC clarifies tax breaks on gifts

HMRC clarifies tax breaks on gifts Gift aid: If you’re a higher or additional rate taxpayer you can claim extra tax relief for charitable donations you make under the gift aid arrangements. This tax break applies to donations by individuals and not to those made by companies, organisations or groups of individuals and not to those made by companies, organisations or groups of individuals. This has caused some newspapers to suggest that where you make donations in the form of a sponsorship, typically through websites like JustGiving, and include a message that implies the gift is from more than one person, such as “Good luck from us all”, you’ll lose the gift aid tax break because the sponsorship...
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