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April Edition of the Innovator

We are delighted to announce that Tax, Tips and Tools 2018/19 is now available!  Comprehensively updated with new and updated tools - and with discounts available to 2020 members and previous purchasers - find out how Tax, Tips and Tools can help you to provide your clients with tax advice which they are happy to pay for. 

Also in this edition are the latest updates on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Making Tax Digital (MTD).  Both the GDPR and MTD Action Packs are available to Premier Plus and Platinum members in the dashboard 'Action Packs' section.

Tax Tips & Tools 2018/19 released! rsz_ttt_2013_fc_image.jpg
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5 Minute Profit Maximise Analysis

5 Minute Profit Maximise Analysis Do you know what state your business is in? We mean, is everything running as it should? Is your business in the sort of health you want it to be? Could it run the proverbial marathon or would it give up after 5 miles? A lot to contemplate we know, but when it comes to how much profit your business could potentially be missing out on, we’re sure you won’t mind a few questions. Is your current accountant only providing you with just the standard type 1 accounting services (tax returns, accounts etc)? Did you know about type 2 and 3 services that exist too? Type 2 and 3 services are there to give you a...
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