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Brexit Implications For Business

Brexit, which has been delayed twice now, has an approaching deadline of January 31st 2020. Regardless of whether a further extension will be proposed or if we will Brexit this January, it is crucial that you have considered the possible implications Brexit could have on your business. (more…)...

Budget 2018

Budget - The Chancellor’s Autumn announcements were made on the 29th's a summary of what transgressed. MORE MONEY FOR NHS AND AN END TO AUSTERITY? As previously announced, these were the main themes of the Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s third budget but what we were waiting to hear was where the extra money was going to come from? Had he found a “Magic Money Tree”, or would tax and borrowing have to increase? We now know that the extra money will come from better than expected economic growth and consequential increased tax revenues. But there may have to be a Spring 2019 Budget if Brexit negotiations don’t go to plan…. PERSONAL ALLOWANCE AND HIGHER RATE LIMIT INCREASED EARLY The Government’s manifesto pledge back in 2015 was that the personal allowance would rise to £12,500 in 2020 and the higher rate...
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