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How To Build Successful Outsourcing Relationships For Your Business

These three steps will help you to create a successful relationship with your outsourcing partners. 1. What do you outsource? Choose what you outsource carefully. You should outsource simple and time-consuming work. This is because this type of work will not require your direct involvement and the company can complete it without you having to get too involved. However, work for a complicated client, which requires an in-depth knowledge of that client, should not be outsourced. This is because they will need to ask for information and advice about the client. This will involve you heavily in the process, which will negate the reason for outsourcing. By choosing the work you outsource in this way you will be able to focus on the complicated clients for yourself, with the time-consuming but easy clients out of the...

8 Useful Tips & Advice On Managing Your Taxes

1. Expenses HMRC have recently updated the list of trade and professional organisations for directors and employees who receive a tax reduction for annual subscriptions. NI can also be avoided if the bills are directly paid by the employer 2. Autumn Statement Unfortunately the capital gains tax exemption on homes will be less generous but the good news is that no NI will be payable to employees under 21 from April 6th and business rates will be increased and capped at 2% for 2014/15. 3. Cars To make sure the director or employee is contributing to company car running costs continues to be taxed, it would useful to amend your car policy so that it counts only against the tax year in which it’s paid. 4. Corporation Tax There is an option of asking the bank for a loan or HMRC for extended...
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