Trick or Treat! Is your Accountant sweet?

Your accountant should be someone you appoint to make your life easier- not harder. Having your finances unorganised, and not dealt with correctly can bring about much unwanted stress. The key to a good accountant is transparency, trust and expertise. Continue to read to find out whether you have a certified accountant, or whether you have been tricked out of your money!

What sweet qualities does a good accountant have?

Always at your service

A good accountant is more than just passionate about numbers and figures on a screen! They are critical in making sure they provide you with excellent service. This usually involves building a personable relationship with the account holder, so they can determine the best course of actions specific to your needs. Accounting is primarily a client-based business, which requires enthusiasm and good communication. The profession demands frequent interaction with clients in order to build rapport while continuously expanding their knowledge.

Reliable and trustworthiness

Accountants handle extremely sensitive information, and must never leak data to third parties. This is a principle of professionalism and basic ethics that all service providers should uphold. The client must feel comfortable that what they share is confidential, as well as trust that their accounts are in safe hands.

Excellent organisation skills

Every bit of data, transfer and paperwork must be accounted for to avoid mistakes and or trace back errors. A good accountant will have any file or material easily accessible. This increases productivity, and enables additional time for other tasks. Organised accountants are less susceptible to making blunders.

Goes over and beyond

Accountants can be creative too, thinking of different methods that will make accounting more efficient and innovative. Skilled accountants will find ways to implement unconventional yet effective approaches to problems that demand more than just the standard approach.

Expertise and expansive knowledge

In any field that involves finance, tax law and the state of the economy is bound to fluctuate. It is essential an accountant is aware of the latest adjustments so that they can adapt to any changes. A good accountant will always keep themselves up to date in their field so that their expertise is relevant and applicable. Having expansive knowledge means a high-quality accountant is able to react to scenarios quick enough before they become a problem.

How we can help

If your accountant happens to meet all the criteria listed, then you have yourself a treat! Going beyond what is expected, distinguishes between bare-minimum accountants to true professionals. But if you need a professional, look no further.

Here at Carrington Blake Accountancy, we pride ourselves in having an expert team of accountants who are genuinely passionate about what they do. This passion compels us to provide you with impeccable service, with a strong focus on presenting each client with stress-free and transparent account handling. Contact us today to learn more about the vast services we offer and if you have any questions.

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