Small to Medium enterprises and the accountancy services they need

When it comes to small to medium enterprises, there can be a huge number of services required from accountants for success. From advisory services to auditing, it can be a chore to find out exactly what you need. In this blog, we’ll simplify these accounting practices and help you understand exactly how to get the best accounting and advisory services possible.

What are annual accounts?

Your annual accounts are the basis of your tax return, meaning these are crucial for any small to medium enterprise. As your company begins to grow, filing for your annual account becomes more difficult and tedious, which could lead to fines if there are inaccuracies. The formatting for HMRC is very specific, meaning you need a team of expert accountants to take the worry out of your accounting.

What is auditing?

Not many people know, what is auditing? Audit reports are a way of checking to see if your company’s financial information is true. You may need to be audited if you are a public company, or based on other factors such as trade, turnover or a decision by your investors. Auditing gives your shareholders reassurances, as well as giving information to industry regulators. Of course, it’s highly important that auditing is completed in a timely manner without irregularities. This is as auditors charge by the hour and this could lead to high fees.

What is business planning?

Business planning is creating a plan which helps you to secure funding and allows you ongoing performance analysis for your business. It’s important to be careful in making any important decisions. A good business plan can help inform you when making these decisions. For example, on hiring new staff or buying new assets. When business planning, you need expert advisory services. There is a lot of financial data and expertise required to write a business plan. So, why not entrust it to your accountant?

How we can help you

Here at Carrington Blake Accountancy, we boast more than 15 years of experience helping small to medium enterprises. We guarantee fast and mistake-free annual accounts and auditing, as well as expert advisory services. And, our accountancy services are low-cost. So, why not contact us? You can send us an email at and we can help work out your business planning, your auditing, or any other accountancy services today.

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