How To Build Successful Outsourcing Relationships For Your Business

These three steps will help you to create a successful relationship with your outsourcing partners.

1. What do you outsource?
Choose what you outsource carefully. You should outsource simple and time-consuming work. This is because this type of work will not require your direct involvement and the company can complete it without you having to get too involved. However, work for a complicated client, which requires an in-depth knowledge of that client, should not be outsourced. This is because they will need to ask for information and advice about the client. This will involve you heavily in the process, which will negate the reason for outsourcing. By choosing the work you outsource in this way you will be able to focus on the complicated clients for yourself, with the time-consuming but easy clients out of the way.

2. Accuracy of work
Make sure that the information you give to the outsourcing firm is accurate and straight-forward. This is because if you do not do this, they will take longer to get the work back to you. Remember, the outsourcing company has no prior knowledge of your client, and if what you send them is confusing and difficult for them to understand, this will slow down the process, again negating the reason for outsourcing. How do you do this? Make sure that a senior member of staff, who has knowledge of the client, checks the work before it is sent out. By doing this, you will make sure that the work is accurate and completed quickly.

3. Communication is key
You need to make sure that your relationship with your outsourcing partner is smooth and productive. If you build a positive relationship with your contact at the company, you will be able to easily give feedback to make sure that the work is correct and being completed on time. This will result in the best possible service from the company. A possible way to do this is to agree in advance the best time of the day for you to get in touch.

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