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Reasons why start-ups fail

When it comes to start-ups, there are many reasons why they aren’t successful. Start-ups are risky and need a lot of attention as there are lots to think about. If you are planning to start your own start-ups then, read on to find more about how start-ups fail.

Reasons why start-ups fail

Your product is not in demand/ not selling

One reason why start-ups fail is that their product is not in demand. First, you got to think about the target audience of your product. The product could be focused on the customer’s wants and needs. This would mean they need to keep makings changes to their products or services and pilot them until they reach their customers wants and needs. They can use the feedback of each pivot and create a product that is in demand for...

Everything You Need to Know About Business Bank Accounts

When it comes to the financial aspect of your company, it is helpful to set up a business bank account so that all the money coming in and out of your business is accounted for. It can get confusing to merge your personal account with your business income and outgoings. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Business Bank Accounts.

Understanding Different Legal Structures – Which Suits Your Business Best?

Trying to understand what legal structure you should have in place should be something every new company owner should think about. By determining the legal structure of an organisation should be based on how you intend to do business. There are three main categories of legal structures you should know about. This blog will give you advice on the legal structure your business is best suited for.

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