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Importance of Completing a Self-Assessment Form

Permanent workers are usually paid via Pay As You Earn (PAYE). PAYE ensures that the employee’s income tax, national insurance, and student loan repayments have been deducted before the employee receiving their pay. However, self-employed individuals must pay to ensure that they have paid their taxes, national insurance contributions, and student loan repayments. If you are self-employed you must complete a self-assessment form to figure out what you owe and ensure that you have made payments before the deadline.

Finding an Accountant in London Just Got Easier

You’d think that finding an accountant in London would be easy – after all, there are plenty of them, aren’t there?

The answer, of course, is Yes. There are hundreds of accountancy firms in London, some big, some small and it is there that the problem lies! Which one, from all those that there are to choose from, should you pick to handle your business accounts?

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