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Future Fund for Start-Ups

As a start-up it can be very difficult to get your business off of the ground. Many start-ups need a start-up business grant in order to get their ideas up and running. These are usually provided by private investors, or are government grants. Grants for small businesses can typically be hard to acquire, but recently the government has rolled out a new future fund.

Corporation Tax Increase, how will it affect you?

1,708,988 Corporate Building Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockAll Businesses must know what the Corporation Tax rates are. Knowing the rates will help them understand what amounts they will need to pay each Tax year, and how these changes will affect their businesses.  

Who will the increase in Corporation Tax affect?

 Companies and non-ring fencing businesses that pay Corporation Tax are more likely to be affected by this increase.

What rates will each Corporation have to pay?

 This new measure sets the base rate for all non-ring fenced Corporations to 19% for the financial year beginning in April 2022, a Corporate Tax rate of 25% for the financial year starting in April 2023. This increase comes with new requirements. For instance, the 25% Tax rate applies...

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future for Accountancy?

With technological advancements driving the way we live life in the present and future, it is no doubt that artificial intelligence has its beneficial uses for assisting accounting services. In fact, AI is taking over more traditional accounting duties than ever before- speeding up the process of data inputting and report building. However like all new systems, there are pros and cons to this. Continue to read to find out more about the impact AI has for the future of accountancy. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence systems can be very powerful and are improving quickly. They provide outputs that can be extremely accurate, replacing and, in some cases, far superseding human efforts. However, they do not replicate human intelligence. We need to recognise the strengths and limits of this different form of intelligence, and build...
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