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Importance of Bookkeeping Services for Start-up Companies

Startup companies can be very busy. Businesses may not have time to keep their records up to date and separate their personal accounts and business accounts. At Carrington Blake Accountancy we help busy businesses with keeping their books up to date. Bookkeeping at Carrington Blake Accountancy is one of our specialisms. We keep records up to date and help separate your business finances and personal. Bookkeeping involves the recording, on a daily basis, of a company's financial transactions. This is able to track all deadlines and financial needs.

What this does for you

Bookkeeping This is a part of the full accounting process which gets the business accounts ready. Starting from the initial entry of financial transactions all the way to filing tax returns and for incorporated or limited businesses the...

Why Are Business Plans Important for Start-Up Companies?

Having a business plan is important for start-up companies as it allows them to set long and short term objectives with a clear strategy of how to achieve them. A business plan is the first vital step to the success of a company. It outlines the operational and financial details of a business. In addition to this,  it details the budgets and how certain objectives will be achieved. Every aspect of the plan should address possible questions that people reading the plan may ask.

Structure of a Business Plan

In order for your plan to be effective and easy to understand there has to be a clear format in place. The minimum elements that should be included are:
  • Executive Summary - This an overview of your business including...
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