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Do you know the importance of managed accounts for property owners?

Importance of managed accounts for property owners! Want to know how and what the importance is to manage your accounts? You have come to the right place!

What are managed accounts?

Managed accounts are a fee-based investment management product for high-net-worth individuals. The main appeal for wealthy individuals is access to professional money managers. Which is a high degree of customization and greater tax efficiency in a fee-based product? Managed accounts are convenient as the client will agree on an investment objection with their advisers. A portfolio can be rebalanced without providing additional advice or service that is not relevant. Property Owners Tax efficiency, as managed accounts are not pooled investments. Furthermore, each investor is typically the underlying owner of their assets. However, this means investors do not inherit existing tax positions, like other...

Why and How You Can Change Your Accountant

Changing an accountant is the right course of action, whether your business has grown and changed, or your accountant’s business has. The process of changing accountants is actually a relatively simple one, contrary to what your current accountant may have you believe. How do you make sure you are looking for the right accountant for your company? Looking for the right accountant is not easy. In order to find the right accountant, keep reading.

Reasons to Change Accountants

When businesses look to change accountants it is generally due to the growth and change of their business. If you’re thinking of changing, ask yourself these questions: Changing

Are you getting value for money?

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the level of service you’re paying, do some investigating. See whether you could get a better...
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