Monthly Archives: June 2016

Your Ally in Business – Why Choosing an Accountant is One of the Most Important Decisions you’ll Make!

An accountant should be seen as more than someone who does your finances. While you focus on running your business, you need to trust they ‘have your back’ when it comes to your company. They need to understand your business and where it is going, be your business advocate, warn you of potential dangers and provide you with advice to make your business better. You need to trust them as if they were part of your company, and know that your success is important to them. That’s why it is important to choose an accountant that fits with you. That they not only understand your business, but that you trust they are there to help you when you need it. There is a reason why accountants are amongst the most trusted advisors in the world. Key things to consider...

Build your own house – Reclaim the VAT from the HMRC!!

BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE - RECLAIM THE VAT!! Are you thinking of building your own house? Well you can now reclaim the VAT. You can apply to HMRC for a VAT refund on building materials and services if you are building a new home, or converting a property into a home. In order to qualify, the home must be separate and self-contained, be for you or your family to live or holiday in, and not be for business purposes (although you can use one room as a work from home office). Builders working on new buildings should zero rate their work anyway and you won’t pay any VAT on their services. Where there is an existing dwelling on the site you will...
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