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7 Steps To Build Your Marketing Machine

Marketing is very important for any type of business as we are living in a very competitive environment with new products and services constantly being developed and all businesses need to make sure they are at least level, or preferably, ahead of the competition. Many businesses tend to leave the marketing aspect of a business to one side and use excuses such as I don’t have time, customer service comes first, I have family commitments or simply that’s not what I do! But if you have a clear focus and would like to grow your business then you need to make some time to execute your plans. Here’s what the most successful businesses do: To continue reading, download the PDF...

How to Start Your Own Business – Steps to help you Grow and Love your Business

How to Start Your Own Business. The Simple things you should know

So you have finally decided that you want to work for yourself and start your own business. Great, now the question is where do you start?

 What kind of business should I start?

There are loads of options out there for all of you who want to become self-employed. Click on the links below to explore each.

  • Start a part-time business.
  • Your own business idea - a completely new product or service. Read up on idea protection if you're following this path.
  • Start a franchise.
  • Buy a business.
  • Buy a license to sell an existing product.
  • Do you want to start alone or would it be better to find a business partner?
To continue reading, download the PDF...
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